hey! we’re Dreamers Duo…

We’re two crazy dreamers, on a mission to equip people with big dreams with the tools and skills to turn their dreams into reality!

Why? Because we believe that people who know how to chase and achieve their dreams are not only happier and more productive, they also make a positive difference in the world. 

If you have a burning desire to make your dreams come true, we’re here to help!

What we do

If you’re reading this there’s no doubt you’ve got a big dream inside of you that you would love to make come true, not just for you but for the world around you. 

You’ve felt the rush of excitement as you imagined the possibilities of living your dream and how amazing it will feel when you achieve it. 

Perhaps you’ve also felt the frustration of not being able to make progress as quickly as you’d like or you’ve wondered how on earth you can fit your dream into your ‘real life’ or perhaps the fear of failure has stopped you from taking the first step…

When the initial inspiration of a dream wears off, it can feel like a dream hangover.

‘Where do I start?
What if I can’t do it?
Am I even good enough for this?’

“Real life” can get in the way and before you know it you’ve shelved your dream for “one day, someday”. 

If you’ve ever felt this way, you’re not alone. We’ve definitely been there, done that. 

But…we also know what’s on the other side…and there’s also something else we know to be true…

‘You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.’

Richard Bach

You have everything within you to achieve your wildest dreams! But, it’s also going to take hard work, dedication and belief.

So…why go it alone?

At Dreamers Duo we can help you: 

  • Discover what you need to do to achieve your dreams
  • Take consistent action towards your dreams and celebrate your progress
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams and who will support you through any challenges you may face along the way

Imagine being surrounded by people just like you and finally making progress towards your biggest dreams…

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Who are Dreamers Duo?

Michelle Keating

Co-Founder of Dreamers Duo, Presenter & Celebration Queen.
Lover of tea, sparkles and pretty stationery.

A little bit about me…

After discovering the incredible power of dreaming, I left my 9-5 job as a Graphic Designer in 2015 and spent 5 years working as a Workshop Consultant for global stationery brand kikki.K, presenting 500+ Workshops on the topics of dreams, goals, wellbeing and creativity.

I’m the author of Shine – a guide to finding your sparkle and shining it bright, a book I wrote about my journey to finding and doing work that I love. I’ve also owned and operated 2 small businesses, as a fairy princess and a cupcake decorator.

My passion lies in bringing like-minded people together to super-charge our ability to make dreams come true!

My dreaming motto is: If you can dream it, you can do it!

Some of the dreams I’ve made come true
  • Traveling to Paris to buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes
  • Leaving my 9-5 job to pursue work I love
  • Publishing my e-book Shine
  • Speaking in front of 100 people
  • Completing the London and Auckland Marathons
  • Becoming a mum to my much loved daughter Grace
The dreams I’m currently chasing
  • Learning to draw and illustrating a children’s book for my daughter Grace
  • Creating a glitter covered journal to complement my book Shine
  • To be as fit as I was on my wedding day for my 10 year wedding anniversary
Some of my big, crazy dreams
  • To learn French and live in Paris for 3 months when I turn 40
  • To meet Jon Bon Jovi
  • To go on a Hot Air Balloon ride with Adhi
  • To see the ball drop on New Years Eve in New York City
  • To contribute to ending the discrimination of women and girls worldwide

Adhirai (Adhi) Prema Maninilavan

Co-Founder of Dreamers Duo, Presenter and Content Queen
Lover of stationery, chocolate and books

A little bit about me…

I’m the other half of Dreamers Duo. A self-confessed personal development junkie, stationery addict, book lover, bullet journal-er and the mastermind behind the Dreamers Duo Mastery Session and Masterclass content.

My passion lies in learning as much as I can about designing and living my dreams, and sharing that knowledge with others.

When I’m not working on Dreamers Duo, you’ll find me studying to be a physiotherapist or catching up with friends discussing ways to change the world over dinner.

My dreaming motto is: Decide what you want and then go get it! Don’t let anyone or anything stop you.

Some of the dreams I have made come true…
  • Being able to drive
  • Seeing AR Rahman live in concert
  • Moving out of home
  • Working at my favourite stationery store
  • Bungy jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge
The dreams I’m currently chasing
  • Sharing my story with the world by publishing my first book
  • Speaking at events around the world
  • To be my fittest and strongest self
Some of my big, crazy dreams
  • To ride in a Hot Air Balloon with Michelle
  • To live in New York City for a year, overlooking Central Park
  • To watch the New Years Fireworks in London
  • To go on a food tour around Asia
  • Having my own library room at home
  • Helping to change the way healthcare and education are delivered around the world

About Us

Created by two passionate dreamers Michelle & Adhi, we are on a mission to help big dreamers, like you, make your mark on the world…and have a whole lot of fun along the way!